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Young Pharaoh Tut



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"Red Crown" 

Young Pharaoh Tut

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The artist known as "Young Pharaoh Tut" is an American musician and entrepreneur born in Alexandria, VA who grew up in Prince George’s County, MD. Tut is known for his color, style, and alternative “boujee-gitty” sound. 


In September 2019, Tut’s video “Two” was shot with Remi Allure who has worked with @Rico Nasty, @QDaFool, @YBN Nahmir and many others.


In July 2020, Tut Collaborated with artists @Mak Sauce, @SLiF, @AToTheV and dropped his first project “Red Crown”. - Manager 


 "My time is balanced between being a creative and being a business man. Those are two really different mindsets. The pull has always been music and I am lucky to be able to work in my passion". - Tut


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