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I had to have a sit-down with the most lit duo out of Baltimore. Especially after they shut down the Fire & Ice event, hosted by 1FG (First Fridays Group).

How did you get started?

"I started 410boys with my cousin, and he was never as serious as I was. He was never getting shit done in a timely fashion so I decided to bring it to someone else who is more talented and more hungry. 410Flex has been my brother since day 1, and once we started working seriously on songs and designing the skeleton for our growth, it took off from there." -MikeThePlug

Which of your songs did you enjoy working on the most?

"There have been numerous tracks that I've enjoyed working on with X. Most of them are unreleased, but I would say, up to date, my favourite would be 'Ass For Days' because of the attention it's been getting and the vibe it puts everyone in. I especially the music video we made for it (directed by YMSKZY). This song began the new level of growth that we've been striving for." -MikeThePlug

What inspires you to make music?

"I love music. I started playing the saxophone in elementary school, singing in middle school, and became classically trained in piano. I have always had a passion for music because of how it makes me feel." -MikeThePlug

Where do you see your growth in a year?

"I see us being an integral part of the rap scene, especially if we maintain our growth. The hunger never ends." -MikeThePlug

What advice can you give up-and-coming artists?

"Have a plan. Don't let these lor engineers and social media influencers finesse you out of your money. Always keep your head on a swivel at all times. No cap.

#410Boys #CONTRASTFEST #BRMUDV #1FG #Baltimore

Bringing together mellow vibes & lit shit, BRMUDV brings you a one-of-a-kind night at The Creative Labs in Baltimore, MD. You'd wanna say you were there.


Contrast Fest 2020 is a split-night music festival in Baltimore showcasing musical artistry that ranges from soul-soothing Indie and R&B (1st Half) to floor-shaking Trap and Punk (2nd Half). This festival will bring together diverse people, each with their own personal energies and ideas, through music. Come to vibe out; stay to turn up!

The Split

The first half of the night is for the soul. Get entranced by the music of Adurah, Melo Relo, Ben Beal, Makeup Girl, Jules Olsen, and Bruce Take Nap. Once all that good energy is in you, pause; turn up with 410 Boys, Krystal Maria, Toucan Sam, Real Fake Band, Seagraves, Jelani Kwesi, and Stretch Dynamo. We'll keep you posted on the date announcement. Stay hip or miss out!

The Idea

SLiF of BRMUDV wanted a way to bring music lovers together from all ranges for a one-of-a-kind event. He hand selected the performing artists based in the DMV/Baltimore, as well as curating the perfect team for the job including, 1FG (First Fridays Group), YMSKZY, Redbull, and more. The original venue was set for MilkBoy ArtHouse in College Park, MD. Complications occurred, which caused the venue to shut down before the set date; April 25th. Luckily, other triangles (networks) allowed for a new venue & date (TBD-Post-COVID-19). Additionally, The new venue, 'The Labs Baltimore' became the obvious choice for such an event based on its massive size, V.I.P. area, trippy scenery, and both indoor & outdoor stages.


Being signed to Universal Music Group (UMG) as well as being the creative director for BRMUDV, YMSKZY has been busy this year. From capturing alluring footage of your favorite artists like Playboi Carti, Rico Nasty, DaBaby, Saweetie & more to having a hand in event coordination, he seems to be everywhere, all the time.

How did you get started?

I’ve been a fan of music, rap specifically, for as long as I remember, but I didn’t get my start until about 2007/2008. I was living in Lagos, Nigeria at the time and young money had really started popping so I remember always printing out Lil Wayne and Drake lyrics. Eventually, I just started writing my own, and making my own songs.

Which of your songs did you enjoy working on the most?

"It’s an unreleased song called “San Juan.”

That’s my favorite because it was a song based on one of my favorite vacations and the memories associated with that vacation. It’s hard to pick just one favorite though, each song means something different to me and is representative of a different aspect or experience in my life."

What inspires you to make music?

Life and my experiences, as well as any experiences I want to manifest. I like to use music as a vision board at times, and I’ll find myself saying a specific lyric, then a few weeks later that lyric comes true. Music is powerful in that way.

Where do you see your growth in a year?

"Revolutionizing the world of creativity."

What advice can you give up-and-coming artists?

"Understand the game you’re in, and become a master of analysis. Then you’ll be equipped to really see your vision through. Always spread love and positivity; that’s the one thing that holds the world together. If you’re reading this do something special for someone today."

Also being a student studying at Towson University, his time management had to be impeccable in order to thrive in every field he entered. Be on the lookout for his artistry.


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